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What is UBI?

The goals of a basic income system are to alleviate poverty and replace other need-based social programs that potentially require greater bureaucratic involvement.

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UBI Beneficiaries


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How to start?


Connect your Metamask wallet to register


Pass KYC verification


Claim your UBI


In simple words, universal basic income (UBI) is a minimum amount of money enough to cover all basic human needs. Learn more about UBI: Watch Video.

Anyone is allowed to participate in the UBI program.

Anyone can register for UBI by following these three simple steps:

Connect your Metamask wallet to register

Pass KYC verification

Claim your UBI.

The UBI program is a part of the Jax.Money platform, which is fully automated by a smart contract. While people may be seduced by corruption, smart contracts are not. These algorithms automatically distribute all the funds collected for the UBI program fairly between all the participants.

Yes. You can donate funds to the UBI pool by sending money to the UBI donation address: 0xxx.

In Hebrew, JAX means “God is merciful.” However, human beings are not so merciful. Therefore, there is a need for a system that will create equality.

We value people of merit and are determined to do everything possible to make sure they always have time and resources to make this world a slightly better place than it was yesterday.
With the increased adoption of our energy-standard monetary system, every user should be able to get UBI high enough for letting him do what he truly loves, whether it’s rocket science or gardening.

A UBI tax is deducted from every transaction carried out on Jax.Money and every user of this system is welcome to register and get this UBI.

UBI is distributed in WJAX on a daily basis if the minimum threshold is met.

No. KYC is mandatory to participate.